An Anatomy of Chaos

An Anatomy of Chaos By StartWithTheName This is the first article in a series explaining chaos bag mechanics, how they affect decision making, and fit into certain archetypes and strategies. My hope is to offer guidance and advice for new players and set out a simple conceptual framework for more experienced players looking for new …

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I Will Survive

It’s the Survivors turn. The ones that endure, the ones that suffer, the ones that survive, the ones that have bad times, and the ones that make the other have bad times too, but if they got their timing correctly, they are unstoppable. That’s what we are talking about today. Let’s go! Epic, nerves, weird …

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Finn, The Human

Welcome, Investigators, to a new article from the Arkham Archives! After suffering 3 mental traumas, all of us, during the week due to the ravings of a quite famous shotgun, this week Jose premieres as blog writer talking about Finn (The Human) Edwards. Before starting, remember that we dedicated him one chapter in our podcast, …

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